Iya’s Ancient Supergrain Fonio Flour

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Fonio flour is made from grounded fonio grains. Fonio is a gluten-free, nutrient-dense, low GI ancient grain that can be cooked in just 3 minutes. It is a delicious alternative to rice, quinoa, couscous or polenta. Try fonio in stir-fries, stews, soups, vegan burgers, stuffed peppers, casseroles, salads, tabbouleh, buddah bowls or as a side dish. It can be used to replace any grain in any dish and also makes a delicious, creamy porridge.

Fonio provides life-changing income to women farmers in the African Sahel and restores degraded soils. Fonio has been grown in West Africa for 5,000 years and is thought to be one of Africa’s oldest cereals. It is mostly cultivated in West Africa in the arid Sahel region.

The smallest in the millet family, fonio grains are just 1mm big, similar to a grain of sand. Fonio is also known as ‘Digitaria Exilis’, ‘acha’ or ‘hungry rice’ (although this is often misunderstood in English, it is not because people are hungry that it has this name, it is because it is so delicious, it makes you hungry!) Due to its small size, it is relatively difficult to process which is why it has been unavailable outside of Africa, until now!

Fonio flour is a nutritious and versatile gluten-free flour made from ground fonio grains. Native to West Africa, fonio is a small, annual grass that produces grains that are high in protein, fiber, and nutrients. The grains are ground into a fine, powdery flour that has a nutty, slightly sweet flavor and a soft, fluffy texture when baked. Fonio flour is a great alternative to wheat flour and can be used in a variety of dishes, including breads, pastries, and pasta. It is also a good source of fiber and nutrients and can be used to boost the nutritional content of your favorite recipes. Try using fonio flour in place of wheat flour in your favorite baked goods or mix it with other gluten-free flours to create a unique and delicious flour blend.

This delicious fonio flour from iyasfood is amazing for making delicious gluten free recipes.


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