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Throughout history, women in many cultures have used herbs to reduce period pains and boost menstrual health. It’s in the herb’s names… cramp bark, ladies’ mantle. Using modern science, our herbalist has curated 7 powerful herbs for women, expertly mixed, packaged in sustainable glass bottles, measured in the right dose, to aid menstruation and pain relief. Hera provides a self care experience that uses natural herbs to support you through your natural flow. The Hera booklet in the box gives you lifestyle and dietary advice that can unlock a calmer flow, naturally.


Women all over the world are searching for natural, tasty and relaxing ways to have a calmer flow. Imagine that it was a relaxing herbal tea making experience, with herbs expertly blended together for their benefits to aid women’s health, it would be a no brainer right? That’s why women LOVE Hera, and we’re sure you’ll love it too.

Hera provides a 7 day tea course to realign and balance yourself, giving you a healthy boost and rejuvenating week which in turn helps with your cycle.

7 vials for 7 days, 7 days before your menstruation phase. It’s simple.


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