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Express your Inner Foodie with Jombble Food Tshirts. Gorgeous, Casual and Durable. Jombble’s PAWPAW ON THE JAM Statement T-shirt. This 100% cotton, women’s graphic tee from Jombble celebrates African Paws Paws. Just like Papayas, paws paws are ready to eat when the skin is yellow and slightly soft to touch.

The women’s heavy cotton Tee is a basic addition to any wardrobe. It is fashion flexible and goes well on Jeans, Shorts, Skirts, Pants and Trousers. It is also suitable to wear in the Summer, Spring, Fall/Autumn and Winter. Jombble Tshirts have 8 signature colors with a short-sleeve design as well as a detailed, premium chest print. The specialty spun fibers provide a smooth surface for premium printing vividity and sharpness. No side seams mean there are no itchy interruptions under the arms. The shoulders have tape for improved durability. with this cool and trendy t-shirt
My mission at Jombble is to create a positive affirming culture inspired by the many beautiful people, food and activities from Africa to the rest of the world. Join me on my journey, creating positive and durable tees for every corner of our beautiful world. Please consider this tee as a GIFT idea for your friends, family, and loved ones.

My name is Enny From London. Thank you for visiting my store xoxo
Express yourself!!!!


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