Athene Herby Box

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Sharpfocused with enhanced concentration and energy. That’s the brain in flow. Our herbalists have blended 9 scientifically brain beneficial herbs in the right doses for optimal benefits. Within the 7 days you’ll enjoy a great tasting herbal blend, guilt free in our sustainable glass bottles and feel completely refreshed after. As well as the mental and bodily impacts of our Athene blend – our community agrees that it tastes incredible. A light delicate flavour, sharpening the mind naturally has never tasted better.


– Biodegradable Teabags

– 7 Tea vials

– 1 Powdered superherb blend

– Our lifestyle booklet

As you can see, our products are more than simply tea – we want to provide more value than that. We care about your health and we want to help you to create a lifestyle which you can be that much happier to wake up to every day.


We want you to put away your coffee and pick up our Athene box for a natural boost that simply makes sense.


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