Aduna Hibiscus Superfood Powder

Hibiscus “The Superflower”

Aduna Hibiscus is a 100% natural powder made from the nutrient-rich red petals of the hibiscus calyx. An ancient symbol of beauty and source of wellbeing, this is flower power at its best!

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Aduna Hibiscus superfood powder is has a vibrant dark pink colour & delicious tangy flavour, similar to pomegranate or cranberry. Add 1-2 teaspoons into your daily diet, into water, fruit juices & dressings, into lattes, shakes, smoothies & ice creams, onto yoghurt, into bread, cakes, brownies & cookies overnight oats & desserts, into porridge, soups, syrups & teas



Our hibiscus is harvested and processed in Egypt, creating sustainable incomes for almost 100 rural households and ensuring the added value from processing remains within the country.

Health Benefits

Hibiscus Superfood Powder 100% Organic

  • BENEFITS: Hibiscus flower powder is a natural source of fibre, calcium, iron, plant protein & antioxidants, supporting a range of benefits, including gut health, immunity and skin health
  • EASY TO USE: Aduna Hibiscus has a vibrant pink colour and delicious tangy flavour. Add to smoothies, yoghurt, porridge and desserts – or simply mix with hot water for hibiscus tea
  • ETHICALLY SOURCED: Aduna Hibiscus is harvested and processed in Egypt creating sustainable incomes for almost 100 rural households

High in Fibre. Source of Calcium, Iron & Plant Protein GUT HEALTH: calcium contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes in the gut. Aduna Hibiscus is also exceptionally high in fibre, helping the good bacteria in our gut thrive IMMUNITY: a source of iron, supporting a strong immune system ENERGISING: calcium and iron supporting energy release PRE/POST WORKOUT: protein promotes the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Calcium also supports normal muscle function. Use in Baking, Smooties and Savoury dishes.

Aduna is an Africa-inspired health food brand and social enterprise. Our mission is to bring you the natural vitality of Africa’s superfoods, while creating sustainable livelihoods for small-scale producers. Every single purchase makes a real difference.


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