Ever attended a social gathering where people from the diverse walks of life are present? The smile on everyone’s faces and the resounding laughter will pierce even the tiniest soul. It is safe to say good food has a huge part to play in such a chilled setting. Nothing brings people together like good food. As people network, cultures intertwine, it is most likely possible for new interests to spark. Imagine tasting a new cuisine from another tribe, you love it, boom! You decide to cook it in a more “acceptable” way for your tastebuds. That is fusion cooking and we are here to tell you about AFROFUSION cooking!!!!

Afrofusion cooking is a great way to explore the flavors and textures of African cuisine. If you’re looking for something new to try, or if you’re just curious about what Afrofusion food tastes like, then be sure to check out some recipes online or in a cookbook. You won’t be disappointed!!!

As stated by Professor James C. McCann of the African Studies Center at Boston University, “Food is a fascinating way of looking at the world.”  The desire to combine the African way of cooking with different culinary recipes or ingredients from different traditions or cultures gave birth to AFROFUSION COOKING.

Definition of AfroFusion Cooking

Afro-Fusion Cooking is a style of cooking that combines traditional African spices and ingredients with food from other parts of the world. This type of cuisine can be found in many restaurants and homes across Africa, and it is becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world as well. There are many different types of Afrofusion cuisine, but all of them share some common elements. Most recipes include a mix of African spices such as ginger, cumin, and coriander, as well as ingredients like coconut milk, tomatoes, and peppers. Afrofusion dishes are often very flavorful and aromatic, thanks to the unique combination of spices used in them. One of the major reasons I love the Afrofusion cooking style is because it gives me the freedom to explore various techniques, flavors, ingredients and skills. It allows me to be creative and unique.

Coconut Fonio Parfiat

What is so special about Afro Fusion Cooking

Taking a nostalgic walk back to history, our African ancestors unwillingly traveled to slave lands. Far away from home, it became nearly impossible to treat their taste buds to the pleasure of their traditional cuisines. Thousands of years after, several Africans are traveling out of their country WILLINGLY. They meet people from different cultures, traditions and countries. They learn several things about these cultures, and of course, they show the world the beauty of African culture.

With our African foods being a source of fascination to  the world, the need to connect the dots becomes necessary. Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren of enslaved ancestors want to feel a sense of belonging. Present Africans in Diaspora want to learn about new cultures without disregarding our solidly rooted culture. The only solution is to FUSE. In other words, Afro-fusion cooking gives us the opportunity to experience different cultures on our taste buds.

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Benefits of Afro Fusion Culture

Creativity: In addition to cooking and spices, we strive to create a culture that celebrates the diversity of food and tradition by create designs and art work that speaks to our message. Afrofusion cooking is probably the most creative way to make new dishes. It allows you to make significant research about various cultures, while learning how to combine various flavors and ingredients. It is okay to say Afrofusion avails you the opportunity to become a food creator. Imagine after combining different ingredients and techniques from Africa and other cultures, you successfully create a delicious dish and give it a unique name. Taking an extra step, you share the new dish with friends, family and online followers. You’ve birthed a worthy meal! That’s what Afrofusion cooking does!

Explore Cultures: Imagine the ecstatic delights you will feel when you experience the beauty of another country right in your home. Afro-fusion cooking allows you to go on an adventure mode in your kitchen. With various ingredients romancing in your kitchen, you better be ready for the fusion of cultural beauty in your tastebuds.

On my blog- Spiced Harvest- I dedicated a whole category for Afrofusion cooking. You can always refer to it for inspirations and recipes when you need to create magic. Just like Afro-fusion music & fashion, Afrofusion cooking is here to stay! I’m here to guide you through the fusion culinary experience. Get ready for more tantalising afro-fusion recipes from Spiced Harvest. From Chicago, to New York, London to Toronto, Afrofusion cooking is the new way to cook traditionally for most Afro homes.