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My name is Enny and I an an Afrofusion Blogger in my spare time. Afro-Fusion Cooking is a style of cooking that involves the combination of different ingredients and techniques of the traditional African cuisine and cuisines from different cultures or countries to make a single dish. Afro-fusion cooking gives me the freedom to explore various techniques, flavors, ingredients and skills. It allows me to be creative and unique. This blog is a unique fusion of culture and tradition of the good people of Africa and the whole world.

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Smoky Jollof Rice is as traditional as they come. For a party to impress or spicy dinner night with the family, this is your go to. ❤️❤️ Cook up this flavour-packed recipe as a main dish accompanying something on your grill. Whip this pot up in two hours and it's dinner time!!!!⏰⏰ For more unique recipes like these, Subscribe to my YouTube Channel ❤️❤️

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It’s funny beetroots are everywhere but you do not usually find them in traditional home cooked recipes. Like seriously, drop your comments for the most popular beetroot recipe you know. I even tried beetroot comfort food, The best I came up with was a beetroot pie!!❤️

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Achieving ultimate success and relative happiness in life is a combination of purpose, work, health and mindfullness. Maintaining a healthy diet, exercise routine and productive work life is no easy task. My recipes are inspired by my love for spice, health and tradition. Easy recipes done right and with a splash of authentic Afro-Fusion cuisine. Be brave to be who you are.
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